Here’s an admission for you.

I hate writing New Year posts. I’ve never enjoyed predictions, or making resolutions, or grand sweeping screeds about where the world’s going.

But I write them anyway. Because people like them. They read them, they learn from them, and they act on them.

That’s something I learned again in 2018. That when it comes to marketing your business, you need to focus on what works, not what you enjoy.

So what of 2019? What do I hope to learn from my collaborators in the year ahead? And what about Ben and Martin?

We’ve got a huge opportunity this year to learn from each other. Here’s what we hope our collaboration will deliver for us – and for you.

Andrew needs to learn to speak

If you’ve met me, you’re probably smirking. I talk. Lots. And in language that’d make a sailor blush.

But one of the skills I need to work on is my public speaking – especially ahead of the Creative North conference. A confident public speaker is able to get his points across much more easily, and can present ideas much more comfortably.

That makes client relationships much smoother – for the clients and much as the speakers – and it allows people to buy in to ideas much more quickly. More confidence in your copywriter, and campaigns delivered more quickly. Win-win.

And that’s without touching on the fact that public speaking gigs are great for professional development, networking and reputation building.

Luckily, Martin is an experienced public speaker (and far better at that than selling sunglasses), which gives me an opportunity to brush up on my skills even as our clients benefit from that confidence and clarity I’ve already mentioned.

Martin’s continuing on a path

More of a continuation here from me. Something I’ve been working on for while. Put simply – the strength in generosity. That instead of jealously guarding your hard won skills, your experience, your network, you take what you’ve learnt, what you have, and you share it freely. It’s amazing how generous people are in return.

I was at a Matt Essam workshop a couple of weeks ago. He talked about Ikigai. The concept of seeking purpose as opposed to happiness. I’d come across Ikigai before but this time it really resonated. Essentially it boils down to four questions:

1) What do you love?

2) What are you good at?

3) What does the world need from you?

4) What can you get paid for?

I’ve found helping others try to answer those questions in turn helps me go some way to answering them for myself.

Another thing I’m looking at closely and enjoying is the power of positioning. William Seabrook at Partisan had been banging on to me for months about David C, Baker and his book The Business of Expertise. An extension of Paul Barnes’ super sound Daniel Priestley recommendations it’s also thinking that’s leaving a big impression on me. Thinking I’m really keen to take into 2019 and use to benefit HNW and our clients. Copythinking.

While I’m here, good friend, Terry Durose recommended Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (no, me neither). Well worth a look.

Here’s to 2019 – to peace and to purpose.

Ben wants to learn to act

No, not that kind of acting. I’ve already done that, as my colleagues have already discovered and amused themselves with. Much as I’d like to continue with my thespian passion one day, there are more important tasks ahead of us first.

To accomplish them, they need us to act. Act now. Get it done without delay. Without overthinking. Without wasting time.

We work with lots of businesses who have such good intentions. They’re excited, they’re passionate, they want to change the world. They’re eager to make a difference. But those ideas never quite translate into actions.

The same is true for me. And for us. We have some great ideas, and we’re definitely on a mission. But it’s oh so easy to let them just sit there. Ponder them. Planned but never executed.

And that’s no good. 2019 is only 52 weeks long. There are only 365 days to accomplish what we want to achieve at HNW, and to help all the businesses we work with to act on their plans and intentions.

It’s our duty to challenge each other, and to challenge those we work with, to do what we say we’re going to do. To put the effort in. To make those difficult jumps and tough decisions. And to commit to that change we know is going to make a difference.

If now isn’t the time to act, then when is?

Here’s to a 2019 filled with collaboration

That’s what we’re hoping to learn and implement in 2019, but what about you? What skills do you need to develop to reach your goals?

Let us know in the comments section, on Twitter, or by contacting us directly. Hampson Nattan Williams will do everything we can to help you make 2019 a year to remember.